Performance. Protection. Precision.

Performance. Protection. Precision.

Performance. Protection. Precision.

NIR® Lens Technology

Known for our unique matte lenses, unmatched optical clarity, and #MADETOBEWORN durability

Through American innovation, we bring you a proprietary NIR® lens (No Internal Reflections) that has never been done before, and you can't find anywhere else. READ MORE About NIR® Technology.

Available in prescription

We are Dillon Optics

Conceptualized and designed by a military aviator and adventurer, our eyewear is unlike anything you have ever seen. Our frames are made in Italy and feature a stunning lightweight design, but what makes us stand out is our lenses with proprietary NIR® technology. The NIR® technology gives a unique satin matte finish. That is as functional as it is aesthetic. Preventing glare and hiding smudges are a great start - but the real "vision" was to provide a razor-sharp visual image that would be hard to duplicate elsewhere, and we think we achieved just that. Give our sunglasses a try, and you will "SEE" why we think Dillon sets the standard in optics.



Love these glasses! They do a great job at 41,000 ft! Lightweight frames, great lenses, and most importantly they look cool! I’ve gone through several different brands over the years and these are the the last ones I’ll buy. Trent helped me match frames to lenses and then had them built and I picked them up the next day. Great product, great American made company, and great customer service. Highly recommended!

Los Angeles, CA

After 30 years of wearing various sunglasses (Ray-Ban, Oakley, Serengeti, etc.) I took a chance and ordered a pair of Dillons. Honestly, I didn't think they could be so vastly better than the other premium sunglasses I'd worn in the past, but they certainly were! In fact, I loved them so much that I ordered my wife a pair also and now she won't wear anything else, either. But the most amazing thing I've found about Dillon Optics is the world-class customer service. Let's face it, the best sunglasses in the world would be nothing without a great group of employees behind it. And for that reason, I'm a customer for life!

Local Guide
Scottsdale, AZ

Sent in a old pair of Greasewoods which needed new lenses. They were well worn, loose arms and nose pads were shot. I sent them in expecting just new lenses but they refurbished the whole frame!! They look like new! And it was at no extra charge. Great customer service.

Phoenix, AZ