Unlike other lenses

Ditch The Reflective Mirrors...

Unlike the heavy reflection you get with the average lenses today with noisy distractions, the signature Dillon NIR® lens has a smooth satin matte finish. Not to mention every time you reflect light, you get a glare that disrupts clarity. Dillon's NIR® technology can't be found anywhere else. With Dillon, you get anything but AVERAGE!

One of the major advantages of the NIR® matte lens is that it reduces glare and reflections, which can be a major distraction while driving or engaging in outdoor activities. Additionally, the NIR® matte lens is a much safer option as it provides better contrast and clarity in low-light conditions, making it easier to see objects in your surroundings, which is why we are loved by so many driving enthusiasts. You might have seen us featured on the popular web series and podcast The Smoking Tire or on the Discovery Chanel on the Mototrend network. Overall, the NIR® matte lens is a superior choice for anyone looking for a high-quality lens that provides excellent clarity, safety, and durability. Dillon's NIR® technology can't be found anywhere else!

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