Prescription Lenses

RX is available in our sport lens for prescription polarized sunglasses and optical

At Dillon Optics, we strive to provide our customers with the sharpest lens clarity and enhanced frame coverage. We are committed to superior lens quality in our non-prescription line, and we are happy to introduce that same commitment to outstanding vision performance worldwide for the prescription market with our NIRxSport prescription lenses.

Available in all four NIR® colors, our NIRxSport lenses can be mounted to any frame within our current collection, as well as patient-owned frames that meet our frame requirements. Our highly trained team is happy to assist you in choosing the right frame and lens for your lifestyle needs.

Additionally, if you have a Dillon frame you love and want to wear indoors, we can provide any frame in our collection in a clear optical Rx.

Available in both single and progressive visions 

SV/PV Rx Range: Polycarbonate -8.00 D to +6.5 D

PV Rx Range: Polycarbonate -8.00 D to +2.50, max add power +3.50

Single Vision Design – IOT

Progressive Vision Design – IOT The Ultimate Balance


We Accept Vision Insurance & HSA Cards

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Sam Basiri Licensed Optician